2020 General Election Voting Information

by Andrew Carpenter on October 9, 2020

Please visit the Jefferson County Clerk website to review 2020 General Election locations and options:


The Secretary of State and State Board of Elections have approved the plan submitted by Jefferson County that provides twenty (20) vote centers throughout the county on Election Day. However, please understand the importance of voting early during the three weeks prior to Election Day at the four (4) early voting centers. This will help alleviate long lines and waits on Election Day and safeguard both your and the Election Officer’s safety.

There are many variables to the election process, many of which go unconsidered by the average voter. Not every voter in Jefferson County receives the same ballot. Due to the number of small city races along with congressional, senate, legislative and metro council districts, there are 1520 ballot styles in Jefferson County. The vote centers were chosen based upon their ability to accommodate the space needed for the number of ballots, machines, voting booths, e-pollbooks (vote rosters) supplies and staff, as well as adequate parking for voters.

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